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Design (R&D)


Many variables must be taken into account to successfully convert a customer's specifications and drawings into a finished part. Our full-time engineering department utilizes advanced technology and ensures design functionality when prototyping, processing and engineering your concepts. We use the latest sheet metal processing software, such as AutoDesk Inventor, AutoCAD, Striker Systems and PlasmaCAM to refine your part before production begins.

We develop prototypes from drawings quickly and precisely. After the prototype is fabricated, it is scrutinized to ensure specified compliance is achieved. Our engineers thoroughly examine the component in order to improve production quality, functionality, and cost. All of our hard work up-front allows us to produce a component that performs flawlessly.


Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED)

Infinity Metal Fabrication & Design's services are completely claimable for SR&ED tax credits.

Research & Development


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